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Just Let Me Go

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Oh, oh, Oh

Mister centre of attention
That's his name
Girls line up when they see him
Boys have to give him space
I don't know where he's going
But I now he always ends
In the middle of the floor
With one hand up in the air

It's kinda hot
So what
Give me space
Back off
I don't need
Just start it up up up up up

So if you see me out there
Dancing by myself
Just let it go
Just let me go

Baby I just need that beat and nothing else
Just let it go
Just let me go

Mister DJ is my friend
He knows just what to play
To get inside me head
This beat could make you go insane

I been known to lose my cool
There's people on the table tops
I got one hand in the air
Screaming please don't stop

It's getting hot
So what?
Find a space
Let's rock
Let me see
What you got
Let's kick this off off off off off

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1 Honza95 Honza95 | Web | 12. srpna 2011 v 17:11 | Reagovat

Ze začátku jsem si říkal, že se mi nebude líbit, pak se to ale dobře rozjelo. :)

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